Top tips on using technology to thrive

When looking towards the future and considering how your organisation can thrive, look back at the investments you made in technology during the pandemic to analyse what supported your business the most and are you using it to your fullest? One great example is unified communications: if you’ve been making use of free tools like Zoom or Slack then moving forward with a permanent and more secure collaboration solution could drive greater working efficiencies. Also, if you are looking to adopt a hybrid workforce approach to allow your employees to have an improved work-life balance, then providing the technology, such as IP telephony and secure remote access, to support the same at-home working experience as they would in the office would ensure continuity for staff and customers.


Our tips on reviewing your pandemic technology solutions:

  • How have your customer interactions altered? Are your customers continuing to use multiple digital communication methods to contact you, which need to be supported?
  • Organisations typically implemented new solutions 20 to 25 times faster during the pandemic to support their new ways of working. Review the security and integration into your existing systems to make full use of these new technology solutions, making them a part of your everyday working life
  • If you are looking to offer hybrid working be sure to review your security vulnerabilities as allowing employees to access data remotely and from public internet networks increases your attack vector
  • Make sure you’re getting the most out of your cloud investments. Look at creating space-saving efficiencies, do you need a tool to manage and move workloads across different cloud environments?
  • Is your existing technology stack delivering the benefits you expected, or are there pain points in your processes that need resolving?
  • Has your existing provider supported you with the right levels you needed during the pandemic, or has it highlighted any cracks or pressures on your systems or processes?


As organisations gear up for post-pandemic growth, investments in IT have rapidly shifted away from those focused on back-office efficiency and cost-cutting. Customer expectations have changed, meaning that the focus is now on those technologies which can help businesses to be more competitive and innovative in how they go to market, and improve both the customer and employee experience in the digital workplace.


Allow your organisation to thrive and remain competitive by:

  • Centralising your customer communications to allow them to continue to contact you in a multiple of ways. An omni-channel approach can combine your online, web, call and chat enquiries and streamline them into one inbound enquiry management and reporting system.
  • Identifying automation opportunities within your processes to create either an efficiency or cost reward to support you in delivering your services with increased speed, quality, security, capability or continuity.
  • Safeguarding your brand identity and integrity by controlling and having sight of the security of your infrastructure, knowing that your valued customer data and intellectual property is protected.
  • Keeping a high level of customer satisfaction using call analytics, voice AI and call reporting to inform call flow improvements and automate processes depending on customer sentiment to provide an enhanced experience against competitors.


If you have challenges you are looking to overcome or want to discuss how you can use technology to thrive, please contact Redcentric on or contact us today. 

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