Unity on a SIM

‘Unity on a SIM’ makes mobile phones and Unity handsets work as a business phone system, with DDI numbers, short-dial extensions, call transfer, hunt groups, IVR, voicemail, shared call appearance and all the other features currently available on Unity using the same feature access codes.

This service works from a SIM, not an app, so it works in all mobile handsets and is completely integrated via the mobile network for voice, data and SMS.

‘Unity on a SIM’ phones work seamlessly with other Unity handsets hosted on the Redcentric platform and support all number types: geographic (01/02) non-geographic (08/03) and mobile (07).

It’s a SIM that brings landline and office PBX features to mobile handsets and delivers all the integration benefits of a fixed mobile convergence solution.



Calls, SMS and data

All of the standard functionality expected of a smart mobile device

Multi-format SIMs.png

Multi-format SIMs

Standard through to nano sized SIMs available to fit any handset

Use landline and mobile numbers.png

Use landline and mobile numbers

This service works with any number type and can be added to an existing hunt group using the same number


Port your own number

Do you already have a well-known number? Redcentric can port it in for use with the ‘Unity on a SIM’ service


Inexpensive equipment

The service works with any unlocked or O2 locked handsets and GSM desktop phones. Use the service on a basic Nokia 106, Android or iPhone

Flexibility.png (1)

All features and functions of Unity

Hunt groups, IVR, shared call appearance, etc

  • Rapid deployment - No installation. Any handset capable of 2G/3G
  • Call recording - Recordings can be accessed via our easy-to-use web portal
  • Never miss a call - Voicemail to email, call forwards, transfers, diverts and out-of-hours routing
  • Productivity everywhere - Single number reach, UK and worldwide
  • Secure and compliant - No insecure network as it doesn’t run via an app. Network call recording and inclusive disaster recovery
  • Advanced integration - Call centre, call dashboards, video and Unified Communications