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The continuing sharp rise in the adoption of hybrid Cloud solutions lies in its ability to combine the best of outsourced Cloud services with existing on-premise infrastructure. Hybrid Cloud services allow you to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of Cloud environments while keeping elements of your infrastructure in-house.

VMWare Provider

Hybrid Cloud solutions are ideal for organisations looking for the scalability and agility of Cloud computing and the assurance of maintaining some in-house computing resources. A hybrid approach to the Cloud can allow organisations to manage resources more effectively, maximising existing investments in infrastructure while unlocking new operational efficiencies or capabilities. Our proposition is an impartial one, with a portfolio of physical, virtual, on-premise and off-premise, private Cloud or public platforms that can be combined into a single environment to meet the strategic needs of your business.

Benefits of our Hybrid Cloud solutions


Move as much our as little as you need

IaaS can supplement your existing infrastructure or replace it.


Rapid deployment

The service can be up and running much quicker than building your own infrastructure.


No CAPEX required

No capital expenditure is required at all for deployment. Pay as you go monthly charge.


Flexible and scalable on-demand

Flex resources up / down as required - OS, compute, storage, network, load balancing.


High availability

High availability with multiple DRaaS options – 99.99%, backed by comprehensive SLAs.


Beyond enterprise-level benefits

Such as redundancy across multiple data centres, for any size of budget.

Managed Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Redcentric know that every organisation is different, with unique infrastructure requirements, one fix does not fit all. That’s why we work with you to determine exactly which elements of your infrastructure should move to the Cloud and which can remain in-house. Workloads are measured and configurations are identified to create a hybrid Cloud strategy that is tailored to your organisation.

The Redcentric hybrid Cloud service utilises vCloud Director, industry leading software from VMware, allowing you to extend of your existing on-premise VMware environment into our secure Cloud, providing you with all the benefits of an optimum mix of infrastructure solutions.

You can manage your Cloud environment or we can host it for you in our UK data centres. Both physical and virtual servers can be securely connected to your Cloud environment using our wide area network (WAN), load balancing and security resources. Using Redcentric hybrid Cloud services, virtual servers can be automatically added to your environment, allowing you to build fault tolerance into your on-premise infrastructure with the flexibility to scale on-demand.

  • High availability with multiple DRaaS options – 99.99%, backed by comprehensive SLAs
  • Built upon HP, IBM, VMware, EMC and other Tier-1 technologies – offering enterprise level IaaS to any organisation size.
  • There is no compromise – you manage virtual machines as if it were your own dedicated infrastructure.
  • Processors – allocate 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 CPU cores to each virtual server.
  • Memory – allocate in 1GB increments up to 128GB per virtual server.
  • Storage – disk storage allocated in 1GB increments to accommodate operating system, applications and data files.
  • Network – one interface is connected by default but a maximum of two network interfaces per server is available.
  • Operating System /Application management – Windows or Linux OS, SQL and Oracle databases.
Our UK Data Centres

Redcentric own and operate multiple UK data centres.


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