Microsoft App-V

App-V delivers a seamless user experience, streamlined application deployment, and simplified application management.

Broadens the Windows platform coverage

  • 32-bit and 64-bit apps on 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are fully supported on App V.
  • Office 2010 virtualised with App V offers key productivity enhancements and seamless user experience with Outlook, Sharepoint and more.
  • A shared cache reduces storage requirements on SANs by optimising server disk storage when using App V in VDI.
  • Key Windows 7 features increase user productivity, security and IT control.

Infrastructure that's scalable, management that's centralised

Publish, deploy and manage your virtual applications by leveraging any existing technology investments and software distribution processes.

Readily accessible applications

Applications are easily accessible for users regardless of their location, be that in the office, in a remote site, or in a local coffee shop.

Reduce end user interruptions by simplifying application deployment

Deliver applications more quickly to the end user and give your staff their time back by reducing test cycles but retaining seamless application updates that don't require reboots.