Business Internet Access

A flexible and reliable internet access service underpins businesses' ability to connect to systems, data, employees and customers. However, your internet connection could play a greater role as part of your IT strategy to improve performance, support and future-proofing to meet your daily organisational demands.

Our business-only internet service provides you with a managed uncongested network offering the highest level of reliability, and is ideal for organisations that require consistent high performance, 24/7. Your robust and reliable business internet service can be used to interconnect data centres, offices and remote workers, ideal for your high-performance business requirements over a range of connectivity options like:

ADSL broadband
ADSL broadband


Fibre to the Cabinet

Cellular / Wireless

competitive advantage

Gain competitive advantage and improve strategic capability

Once you’ve established your strategic objectives, your network needs to be fit for purpose to handle your requirements. Your business internet service creates a solid foundation to enable digital technologies, such as IoT and AI, to help you to disrupt, innovate and hone your competitive edge.

Future proofing to meet the daily demands on your organisation

Your internet access solution supports how your organisation connects with systems, but also how it transacts with customers. A service that has the capacity or roadmap to flex and change to the demands of your business provides the strategic relationship to meet your future business objectives.

Future proofing
More than a connection

Get more from just a connection

Our managed connectivity services are capable of adapting and growing with your business, and at the core you can tap into and overlay the UK's most comprehensive suite of pay-as-you-go managed voice and data services to drive smarter working.

Your journey to assured availability

Our business internet service is able to scale and grow with the demands of your business-critical applications that require 100% uptime backed with an SLA, keeping you working and available.