Client Portals

Redcentric have a number of portals for clients use. On the right is a list of our portals.

What is Inform?

InForm is our Online Management Portal for services that were previously operated by InTechnology Managed Services (now Redcentric). Inform provides secure web-based access to your services portfolio anywhere in the world. Redcentric provide clients with a range of online tools; all located within our Inform portal. Inform is designed to be your single point of contact for information relating to your services. Inform links directly to our key support systems including the industry leading HP Openview suite.

As well as providing the latest details on the delivery of your services by using InForm you can create and manage service calls, leave feedback for the Support Team. InForm is also the gateway to Service Reports, as well as Info Vista, the market leading network performance reporting tool.

Features include:

  • View of the current status of open tickets, the ability to log new calls and update existing records
  • Storage utilisation and trend information
  • On-line access to billing data
  • Access to project manager and latest status and date information for projects in service delivery
  • Access to an industry leading reporting and management suite – Info Vista

Info Vista

Info Vista is the industry leading enterprise class reporting system giving customer access to detailed information on Network & Data services.

Allows access to:

  • Reports covering Services/Devices/Sites with the ability to summarise at each level
  • Detailed network statistics on availability, performance and utilisation
  • Analyse packet loss, latency and inbound/outbound traffic over specified time periods
  • Instant reports give a “real time” view activity

HP Service Manager

HP Service Manager is the complete service management tool which completes the implementation of our ITIL methodology.

The myriad of benefits include:

  • ITIL ticket categorisation in terms of interactions, incidents, change, problem etc
  • Service related views (rather than individual hardware components)
  • Knowledge base
  • Automatic ticket creation and escalation based on pre-defined criteria
  • SMS notifications to customer distribution groups

Enterprise Discovery Tool

A powerful management tool that enables us to organise and manage complex infrastructures.

  • Network discovery software that recognises new devices as they appear on-line and reconciles them with our accounting/ERP systems
  • Automatically populate the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) by dynamically creating records removing the need for manual intervention, thereby ensuring integrity and consistency of the information held in our systems
  • Creation and upkeep of network diagrams on a per customer basis
  • Automatic management of moves, adds and changes (MACs) to customer networks

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