Paul Hone
Data Centre Director

As Data Centre and Facilities Director my role encompasses overseeing all aspects of the physical operations of our 8 data centre facilities. So, this includes ensuring a consistent power supply, effective cooling systems, security and managing staff responsible for the day-to-day data centre operations all of which are critical for maintaining the optimal performance of our servers and network equipment to allow us to provide robust and reliable services to our customers.


My journey into the data centre industry has been quite a dynamic transition from a completely different field. I originally trained as an automotive engineer, focusing on mechanical engineering and things like engines and electrical systems. With a master’s degree in data centre design and engineering, I built upon my initial automotive qualifications and today my approach to managing our data centres is informed by both a thorough understanding of Redcentric’s business and broad insights into the data centre industry.

In the early 1990s, I began working in telecoms, selling mobile data solutions to traders in the City of London. During that time, mobile technology was emerging and often unreliable, which sparked my curiosity about the hosting environments of these platforms. I noticed that many issues stemmed from platforms being housed in buildings not specifically designed for such technology, leading to performance inconsistencies.

This led me to oversee the creation of our first dedicated facility for telecom platforms within the company I worked for at the time. My involvement in developing this specialised infrastructure evolved into a full commitment to the data centre industry. Since 2009, I have been with Redcentric in various capacities, contributing to and leading the advancement of our data centre operations.

Currently, my primary focus revolves around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, which have become a pivotal aspect of our operational strategy and a critical concern for our clients. The focus on ESG is not just about aligning with our clients’ values; it also directly impacts our bottom line. This focus aligns with the evolving expectations in our industry, where sustainability measures are increasingly seen as integral to business operations rather than supplementary.

The three critical areas clients evaluate in a data centre include reliability of power and cooling, security, and operational standards. Firstly, uptime is crucial; our clients depend on us to maintain an exemplary record because any lapse in uptime is just not acceptable. This is the baseline of what we provide—consistent, reliable power and cooling systems that ensure our clients’ operations never skip a beat.

Secondly, as threats evolve, so does the importance of robust security—both physical and cyber. Our clients trust us to protect their data against all forms of threats, which is why security remains a high priority.

Finally, while operational standards, such as tier certifications indicating resilience levels, are important, they often come after the essentials of uptime and security are assured. These standards are a part of our commitment to excellence, but they are typically not top of the priority list when our customers begin their search for a data centre provider. However, we certainly strive to meet high tier standards, but our focus on ESG, reliability, and security are what truly define our value to customers.

Redcentric excels in creating a personalised service experience for our customers, particularly valued by medium-sized enterprises wanting comprehensive and tailored IT solutions. Our roots in managed services, rather than purely wholesale data centre operations, allow us to offer a more holistic approach to IT management and infrastructure support.

We are engaging with customers at a senior level, addressing their specific engineering needs and responding proactively to their expectations. This high level of engagement is crucial because it ensures that our solutions are not only technically sound but also closely aligned with the strategic business objectives of our clients.

Our scale is a significant advantage, it enables us to deliver value-added services, from data centre expertise to flexible, customer-centric engineering solutions, all underpinned by a strong commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

In essence, Redcentric’s strength lies in our ability to offer a 360-degree solution that encompasses both data centres and managed services, and importantly a suite of products designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This approach ensures that we are not just a provider, but a partner invested in our customers’ long-term success.

Redcentric’s vision for our data centres is sharply focused on energy efficiency and sustainability, driven by a broader national imperative to become more energy efficient. In the UK, data centres are significant consumers of power, and with that comes a substantial focus on emissions. This is not only an environmental issue but also a financial one, as reflected in the taxation embedded within electricity bills, which can be mitigated through committed efforts towards carbon reduction.

Our goal is to enhance the efficiency of our existing facilities to match that of new builds that are setting today’s standards for energy efficiency. By doing so, we aim to ensure that our data centres remain competitive and attractive in the marketplace. This vision aligns with the growing expectations of our clients who prioritise environmental considerations alongside technological and operational excellence. We are committed to innovating and adapting our practices not just to meet current standards and improve sustainability within our data centre operations.

Over the past 12 months, we have introduced dry air coolers at our largest data centres, including Heathrow and Elland, which significantly improve our cooling efficiency without relying heavily on water or traditional refrigeration methods. Additionally, we have implemented cold aisle containment systems to further optimise our cooling processes by minimising the mixing of hot and cold air, thereby increasing energy efficiency.

On an operational level, we’ve raised the ambient temperatures within these facilities to reduce cooling demands, which also contributes to overall energy efficiency. We’ve also made strategic changes to our broader business practices to support our environmental goals. This includes downsizing our office in Harrogate to support hybrid working, effectively reducing the carbon footprint associated with daily commutes.

Furthermore, we’ve introduced a car leasing scheme exclusively for electric vehicles to encourage more sustainable transportation options among our employees. These initiatives reflect our commitment not only to advancing our data centre capabilities but also to leading by example in corporate sustainability.

Recently, we’ve been closely working with a client from the banking sector, specifically involved in commodity trading through their platform. Given the nature of their business, where transactions often involve substantial sums, reliability is their utmost priority. A failure in the trading platform could lead to halted transactions worldwide, potentially resulting in losses amounting to millions of pounds.

For this customer, the second critical concern is security. The prospect of a banking system being compromised is, understandably, a nightmare scenario. To address their needs, we ensure rigorous security measures are in place. This includes regular audits performed at least twice a year by different auditors to ensure compliance with stringent security standards.

In addition to reliability and security, our discussions with them have recently included a strong focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. They are keenly interested in our strategies for reducing power consumption and our broader ESG commitments. This has led to discussions about how Redcentric can support their ESG targets through innovative solutions and flexible contracting that aligns with their sustainability goals.

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