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What should businesses be investing in during 2017?


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In 2016, we’ve seen major developments in driverless cars, artificial intelligence being used in unexpected ways and the great Fintech revolution. Whether you are a business owner, IT professional or a consumer, it’s difficult not to be excited by the tech developments currently happening. So what technology should businesses be looking to invest in next year? Outlined below are our suggestions for the coming year.


Due to the increasing amount of sensitive data companies now hold, businesses can no longer afford to suffer high profile cyberattacks and must continually invest in security to tackle breaches. Threats are continuing to evolve and are becoming more complex to solve. They can come in different forms, such as deliberate DDOS attacks and ransomware. However, the biggest single cause of data breaches remains unintentional human error. Although all threats can have the same devastating effects. With cyberattacks happening more frequently, businesses must pay close attention to their current systems before it’s too late. Targeted attacks intended to steal sensitive information for re-sale can be avoided by protecting both the internet services and ensuring the supplier has sufficient controls in place. For organisations with a mobile first workforce, it is essential all data is shared over a secure network.


For most organisations, it’s no longer a question of whether to move to Cloud or not, it’s now how and when. There are types of cloud solutions available for businesses: public, private and hybrid. Each has its own distinguishing features that are suitable for different business needs. The most common solution is the public cloud, which is provided offsite and shared between organisations. The private cloud is also provided offsite, although it is delivered over a private network and can be tailored to specific requirements. Hybrid combines both public and private cloud infrastructures for companies who require increased customisation. These solutions all have enormous potential to create business differentiation and are now within reach of all organisations.


DevOps is a relatively new term that is spreading amongst the technical community and is causing much confusion. The DevOps movement came from the increasing popularity of agile software development and adoption of Open Source technologies. It’s difficult to provide a general path for how a business should get started on DevOps as each path is entirely tailored for each company. However, it’s a movement which offers real choice and flexibility when it comes to software, operating systems and applications, and emphasises communication and collaboration between developers and operations. In 2017 there will be greater adoption of DevOps amongst businesses and this will offer a competitive edge.

It will continue to be essential for all businesses in 2017 to pay close attention to the developments happening in the tech community. Investing in these areas will transform businesses for the digital world. To achieve the full potential of these investments, companies will need a collaboration toolset consisting of a diverse team of people effectively working together. However, it’s important to invest in technology that is suitable for the business and not just for the sake of appearing modern.



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