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Forty years of mobile phones


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Last week marked the 40th anniversary of the first phone call made on a mobile phone. On 4th April 1973 in New York, Martin Cooper made the first call on the Motorola DynaTAC. He called his rival at another company, who was also working on a design for a mobile device, to announce that, “I’m calling you from a ‘real’ cellular telephone. A portable handheld telephone.” The phone was nine inches tall with 30 circuit boards, had a talk time of 35 minutes and took ten hours to recharge.

Evolution of the mobile phoneSince the first call in 1973, mobile phones have changed immeasurably. Initial devices were focused purely on voice. It wasn’t until 1992 that the first text message, reading “Merry Christmas”, was sent. Subsequently, we have seen the rise of the smart phone, and data has become the big consideration for users. It is predicted that by 2016, mobile users in the UK alone will use 10.6 EB data per month.

The significance of this first call was probably hard to grasp back in 1973. Mobile phones have gone on to completely change how we live and communicate. The mobile phone market has reached a value of £800bn, and there are an estimated seven billion mobile devices being used in the world today.

The pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, devices were on show that can be underwater for up to two hours without getting damaged, and mobile devices in cars that automatically call an ambulance when you’ve had a crash. Given another forty years, it’s more than likely that mobiles will again have changed beyond all recognition. What we can be sure of is that mobile phones will develop further into multi-functional devices that are a more and more part of everyday life.



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