Maintain the same calling experience with Unity on a SIM

The way people work is changing, and currently during the COVID-19 pandemic it’s altering work patterns and physical locations more than ever. Overnight the working landscape has shifted with organisations looking to their technology stack to see how to enable remote working for their employees and support their customers and staff alike

Sometimes the answer isn’t just in your technology stack, but the capability of your workforce to adopt new technology, as well as how it is perceived. We understand that getting support from decision makers can be difficult, as is ensuring employee adoption rate is high. With Unity on a SIM, you can extend your company’s PBX into your employee’s mobile devices, giving them a familiar tool, keeping them connected to your customers and suppliers whilst retaining organisational compliance.

We look at how you can unlock your employee’s mobile potential by turning their mobile devices into fully functioning business phones:


Rapid enablement

Unity on a SIM requires no installation and can be enabled on any mobile device. Employees can simply insert the SIM into the phone to extend the company PBX onto their device. Employees don’t need to be on a corporate network to access their contacts and recognise who’s calling them and they can access the functionality they normally expect from their desk phones.


High utilisation

Employees can feel at ease with their native interface, network and device quality. They can benefit from business-quality call functionality such as DDI numbers, call transfer, IVR and other Unity features without the need for complicated applications, ensuring high utilisation and enablement.


Support availability

Enabling your employees to be responsive and available to colleagues and customers, ensures the continuity of your customers’ experience. By retaining single number contacts and hunt group functionality which support availability you’ll be providing the same customer experience while your employees are working remotely.


Ensure compliance and existing policies

Keep complete control over the compliance of your telephony solution on enabled mobile devices. Features like call recording, security and separating communications costs for all mobile voice, messaging and data, used by your employees provides organisational control and reassurance to your employees.


During those periods when you need to enable staff quickly, look beyond your own technology stack and help your employees stay connected and available to each other as well as to your customers while they work remotely.

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