Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)

Database as a Service (or DBaaS) can be delivered on Redcentric provided IaaS (VMware or OVM) and is a proven model for delivering high availability Cloud database environments, allowing organisations to consolidate their servers, storage and database workloads onto a shared hardware and software infrastructure. Alternatively the service can also be provided on the customer’s own premises or colocated infrastructure.

Redcentric's DBaaS solutions provide on-demand access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database services in a self-service, elastically scalable and metered manner – offering compelling advantages in terms of cost, quality of service, and business agility.

Leading Cloud database service Provider

Our DBaaS solutions are delivered by database specialists and – if combined with Redcentric’s IaaS – industry leading infrastructure designed for Oracle and Microsoft SQL server database demands. With optimised solutions using Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM), Oracle 12C and VMware to support the end-to-end managed services from development and test services to production enterprise applications.

Benefits of our DBaaS solutions



Only pay for the databases you use. No need to purchase infrastructure or licenses upfront


No CAPEX, OPEX pricing model

Cost predictability, allowing you to manage costs, whilst replacing capital with OPEX


Delivered by database experts

Expert DBA skills to ensure the managed databases are well maintained and working


Fully managed database solutions

Enabling you to focus on the applications providing services to the business


Secure UK Cloud

Our DBaaS service is hosted on our secure Cloud platform in our UK data centres


Full life-cycle management

From trouble-shooting existing to rolling out additional functionality or features


Highly scalable

Simply and quickly scale your database estate as required


Built-in redundancy

Your database estate can be stored across multiple data centres


Dev, test and production environments

Support for development, test and production environments


Backup monitoring

Peace of mind for data protection and compliance

Proven design

Our Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle DBaaS solutions are following on recognised best practises, designs and expertise in order to provide improved performance and response times.

Adhere and comply with license rules

Redcentric database Cloud solutions help you adhere to and comply with Microsoft (operating system, SQL Server and other licenses) or Oracle (OS, hypervisor, database and other software) licensing rules as well as potentially reducing license requirements and costs.

Flexible database solutions & delivery

As part of Redcentric's Application proposition, the DBaaS solution can be delivered in several different formats - Hosted Development & Test environments, production ready environments for new deployments or as fully managed development & production environments.

In addition, our premium services can include DR and HA solutions to meet your business SLA's.

  • Estate review and health check – If appropriate, Redcentric will review the existing database estate, produce a health check report and advise on the best way to on-board the service, including the migration of an existing database environment (if required). An output from this review will be an on-boarding plan and agreed customer acceptance criteria.
  • Monitoring setup – Redcentric will implement its own monitoring suite with standard thresholds and the alerts generated will form part of daily monitoring.
  • Backup schedule – On implementation, Redcentric will create a backup scheduled using the Oracle recovery manager (RMAN), which will schedule daily backups of the database(s).
  • Maintenance tasks – Redcentric will deploy maintenance jobs dependant on the customer requirements (e.g. log file and archive clear down etc.).
  • Database Licensing – Redcentric or the Customer can provide the Oracle licences, depending on the location of the infrastructure that is being used. Licences have been worked out according to the server specification and will be reviewed and refined as part of the on-boarding process.
  • Incident Management – Incidents can be logged by the Customer or via the automatic alerts that will be assigned to the relevant DBA, to fix and resolve.
  • Problem Management – Redcentric to perform their standard root cause analysis problem management process for any incidents where the root cause was not determined during the incident management resolution.
  • Change Management – This follows Redcentric’s standard and published change management process.
  • SLA Reporting – Basic monthly reporting (e.g. # of incidents, SLA failures etc.)
  • Database monitoring – Database availability, backups, performance, space and capacity.
  • Critical patching – Where a critical patch is required to correct a P1 incident, the installation will be planned with the Customer. Out of hours requirements could incur an additional charge.
  • Database performance and capacity planning – A database health check will take place on an annual basis to ensure the database is running as effectively as possible.
  • Database refresh or copies to non-production environments - A maximum of two refreshes every six months using scheduled backups.
  • Housekeeping and maintenance scripts – Housekeeping scripts will be maintained on an on-going basis.
  • CPU Patching – Oracle quarterly CPU patches will be reviewed with the customer and deployed where appropriate.
  • SLA Reporting – Enhanced monthly reporting on Customer defined KPIs allowing service trends to be identified and corrective action taken if required.
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