Web enablement of legacy applications

If you want to improve the image of the data and make it more portable, Redcentric can help.

If all your business critical data is stored on the mainframe and you have no plans to move it, but the user interface is one step up from 3270 green screens and you want to improve the image of the data and make it more portable, Redcentric can help.

We have worked with several clients to help them web enable their mainframe data, having developed our own software to help with this activity.

FIREXML overview

The FireXML enterprise middleware suite consists of business logic interfaces for enterprise systems and DBMS XML interfaces for enterprise DBMSs. By using XML, FireXML is the systems integration layer, making these systems become 'future-proof' and compatible with web services architectures and strategies like Microsoft .Net, IBM Websphere or Sun ONE.

  • The business logic interfaces include FireXML for CICS, FireXML for CA-Ideal and FireXML Parser interfacing with business logic in batch. FireXML for CICS and FireXML for CA-Ideal turn mainframe programs into web services, allowing mainframe business logic to be invoked from web server applications, and other remote systems communicating via standard protocols such as MQ Series.
  • The enterprise DBMS XML interfaces include FireXML for DB2 and FireXML for CA-Datacom, and allow enterprise data held in mainframe DBMSs to be combined with web or thick client applications using standard SQL and XML.
  • The FireXML interfaces allow web server applications in languages such as Java, C++, VB, Perl and ASP to be integrated with mainframe applications and data. With FireXML, these web server applications do not require additional hardware, software, servers, or protocols like ODBC, JDBC or APPC. FireXML involves very simple installation and administration, and very high performance for web server applications.
  • Furthermore, being solely mainframe based, FireXML takes advantage of existing mainframe investments in software, hardware and resources, thereby significantly enhancing the value of a customer's mainframe platform, without affecting existing users.

We can provide advice and consultancy based on real life experience of how best to achieve the above.

All our technicians are trained in ITIL best practices and already provide consultancy and support to many large blue chip organisations.