Oracle Big Data Appliance

You've invested in collecting big data because you know it holds valuable information about your customers and your competition. By combining insight gleaned from big data with the traditional transactional data already available in your organisation, you can capitalise on previously hidden relationships and develop a real competitive advantage.

The Challenge of Big Data

Everyone agrees on the benefits of big data—and the challenges. With big data growing at such unprecedented rates, how can businesses work fast enough to turn big data into the insight that can help them effectively compete in today's rapidly changing marketplace?

The challenge facing business is finding an efficient, cost-effective, and timely way to make big data accessible to users. When your users are able to use and analyse big data they can uncover new insight about your business. Oracle Big Data Appliance helps you answer this challenge by providing a solution that brings the value of big data to the business.

The Solution for Big Data

Oracle Big Data ApplianceWith Oracle Big Data Appliance, extreme performance means quickly getting real business value from your big data; rapidly provisioning a single system that's scalable, highly available, and optimised to transform massive amounts of data into usable information.

Oracle Big Data Appliance takes care of all the "heavy lifting" associated with making big data available to your users, including:

  • Acquiring and managing all types of data (both structured and unstructured) from a variety of sources
  • Performing an initial analysis and organising the data
  • Making the data immediately available for SQL queries or loading into an Oracle data warehouse for integrated analysis with other business data

The Big Picture for Big Data

Oracle Big Data Appliance is part of a platform that includes Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalytics, and Oracle Big Data Connectors (software for easily integrating Oracle Database and Hadoop). Oracle Big Data Appliance comes with a full set of software to work with big data, including:

  • Cloudera's Distribution, including Apache Hadoop (CDH)
  • Cloudera Manager for clusterwide administration and monitoring of CDH
  • Oracle NoSQL Database for fast, low-latency access to massive amounts of data, and for supporting data retrieval and data updates
  • The Oracle R distribution for statistical analysis of big data using the R language

With Oracle Big Data Appliance there's no need for you to choose and configure the hardware, select the correct open source components and their versions, or integrate and optimise the system. As a total platform for big data, Oracle Big Data Appliance reduces the risks, as well as operating costs, of making big data a valuable asset for your organisation.

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