Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine

Oracle's Engineered System for extreme analytics

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine delivers extreme in-memory analytics performance for business Intelligence and enterprise performance management applications. Built using best-in-class hardware, market- leading business intelligence software and in-memory database technology, Oracle Exalytics is an optimised system that provides speed-of-thought analysis with unmatched intelligence, simplicity, and manageability.

  • Best-in-class enterprise BI platform, in-memory analytics software, and hardware optimized to work together
  • Advanced data visualization and exploration provide actionable insight from large amounts of data
  • Fastest solution for discovery, business intelligence, modelling, forecasting, and planning applications
  • Massive application and server consolidation
  • Access to all Oracle and non-Oracle enterprise data sources

Benefits of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine


Reduced operational risk

Fully tested and stack-optimized hardware and software from firmware to application


Extreme performance

Fast performance for relational & MOLAP BI applications, EPM and mobile deployments


Dramatically faster response times

Store data in main memory; fast response time with no network latency or disk I/O


Advanced data visualisation

Instantly identifies outliers & patterns in large, complex data sets.

  • Engineered System - hardware and software designed to work together
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite with hardware-specific optimisations
  • Analytic In-Memory Database with Adaptive In-Memory Caching and Columnar Compression
  • Optimized InfiniBand connectivity to Oracle Exadata
  • Plug-and-play architecture
  • Advanced data visualisation

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