Why Oracle Engineered Systems?

Radical processing speeds, significantly faster deployments, instant visuals for in-depth analysis, and big data that's manageable. Oracle's engineered systems bring extreme performance to every layer of the technology stack which powers Redcentric’s Database as a Service.

Extreme performance - getting the job done faster, better, or more efficiently than it has ever been done before. It's the hallmark of Oracle's engineered systems and the ultimate embodiment of Oracle's drive to simplify IT.

With an inclusive "in-a-box" strategy, Oracle's engineered systems combine best-of-breed hardware and software components with game-changing technical innovations. Designed, engineered, and tested to work together, Oracle's engineered systems can power the cloud and streamline operations to make traditional deployments even more efficient.

Engineered for High Performance

For Redcentric customers, extreme performance is not only about speedier query results or significantly higher throughput. It's not only about going from box to clustered database in a few hours, or how users can deploy an application with just a few clicks.

Extreme performance is about taking advantage of new opportunities, discovering new areas of efficiency, and enabling innovation to deliver the kind of results and business performance that simply weren't possible - until now.

The components of Oracle's engineered systems are pre-assembled for targeted functionality and then optimised, as a complete system, for extreme performance. That means everything you're doing gets kicked up a notch or two, or more.

Engineered to Solve Problems

The extreme performance designed into every Oracle engineered system helps reduce risk, lower costs, and maintain the highest IT availability in the Redcentric cloud. Oracle's engineered systems deploy faster, integrate seamlessly with existing IT environments, and provide the kind of customer experience that helps your users do what they need to do faster, better, and more efficiently.

Engineered to Transform

By taking the guesswork out of these high-availability, purpose-built solutions, Oracle delivers a sophisticated simplicity that's completely integrated throughout every layer of the technology stack, and that translates into less risk and lower costs for your business.

Nowhere is the Oracle promise of "hardware and software engineered to work together" more apparent than in Oracle's engineered systems as they transform your organisation, ignite innovation, and drive results.

Reduce Risk, Lower Costs

  • Oracle engineered systems provides everything you need for a complete, in-a-box solution in which software and hardware (at every layer of the technology stack) have been architected, integrated, tested, and optimised to work together before they ever reach Oracle customers.
  • Oracle standardises components in its engineered systems to reduce your risk and make tasks, such as software and hardware upgrades, automatic and predictable. And, like all Oracle products, Oracle's engineered systems are built on open standards and are ideal for environments that include third-party and legacy systems.

Consolidate IT Environments

  • Consolidating resources in the private Redcentric cloud is a way to simplify your IT environment and pave the way for innovation. Whether consolidating database workloads on Oracle Exadata Database Machine or business applications on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, going from several machines to a single, engineered system that works faster and is less expensive just makes good sense, and it makes things less complicated.
  • Redcentric customers benefit from the smaller footprint that goes along with a less complicated IT environment. The smaller footprint uses less power, requires fewer IT administrators, and needs less floor space.
  • And when you compare price/performance numbers with multi-vendor solutions (solutions that you have to buy, build, integrate, and test on your own) it's clear that you get better business results and lower costs across the board with Oracle engineered systems.

Simplify Cloud

  • Successful cloud deployments depend on providing high availability and performance to as many subscribers as possible, for as long as they need it. Oracle's engineered systems provide excellent foundations for all types of cloud deployments.
  • Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud runs multiple applications in virtualised, isolated environments, letting you consolidate hundreds of applications onto a single system. Deploying applications is quick because the process is automated.
  • Seamless integration between Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and virtualisation products (including Oracle VM and VMware) provides a powerful solution for deploying storage in a cloud computing infrastructure.

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