Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS) on OVM

IT strategies are advancing from looking at virtualisation with one big sweep, to acknowledging the key components in virtualising Database platforms. Redcentric’s Oracle DBaaS platform runs Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM), allowing you to scale up as and when you need it, knowing the underlying platform technology is developed and supported by Oracle.

Oracle databases and applications are known for their functionality, reliability, stability and world-class reputation. For a solution running on an Oracle Database or application, we know that how you transition from a physical to a virtual platform comes with its own unique challenges from application considerations to ensuring your Oracle license model is achievable on a virtual platform.

Benefits of our Oracle Database as a Service (DBaaS)


Manage your license costs

In some cases, we have been able to utilise OVM to lower your license costs.


Highly scalable

Rapidly scale up your database estate as and when you need to.


Improve green credentials

Your green credentials will be improved. Aid compliance with environmental legislation.


Built-in redundancy

Enterprise-grade advantages, such as redundancy across several data centres.


Database Managed Services

Redcentric can provide as much or as little support that you require.


Disaster recovery

We ensure your business critical environments have minimal downtime.

We understand that our customers IT strategies differ. Our approach to DBaaS provides your organisation with options on how we deliver your DBaaS to you; may it be a dedicated or shared OVM platform. Each Oracle virtual machine is configured with a Oracle software to hit the ground running. We take the time to understand your requirements for your virtual platform, to bring a solution to you rather than just a virtual machine.

Redcentric’s cost model gives you the flexibility to grow your estate with us. As you requirements grow, Redcentric can scale your Oracle virtual machine, choosing between 2 VCPUs to 128 VCPUs per virtual machine should you need to. Coupled with our Database Managed Services, we can offer you as much or as little support as you need from implementation services, maintaining your databases all the way through to performance tuning.

With our Database Managed Service practise established over 15 years ago, our knowledge of Oracle products sees your Oracle estate in safe hands with options for supporting your production databases on a 24/7 basis. At Redcentric, we work proactively to minimise production downtime, and provide a well performing environment. Furthermore, with the option of implementing Oracle Enterprise Linux, kernel parameters are fine turned to ensure your Oracle stack works at its best.

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