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Big is not always beautiful


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Yesterday, Amazon Web Services confirmed that its Elastic Block Storage service went down for a number of hours, which meant that leading websites including Reddit, Pinterest, and payment service Payvment also went down.

This isn’t the first time this has happened this year. In July, Amazon released an apology on their blog, detailing the failure of ten servers in the USA, which affected both primary and backup power generators and left hundreds of businesses and websites without IT services. One third of internet users access sites that use AWS daily. A failure by Amazon leads to blackout for large portions of the web.

There is a belief that with business, bigger is better. Who doesn’t trust household names like Google and Amazon? The British government continuously gives contracts to large companies. Look at the Olympic fiasco this summer, with the security contract going to G4S, who then failed to provide adequate staff which led to the armed forces being brought in at extra cost.

Here at Redcentric, we are modest. We don’t have the vast resources and the luxury of the bigger companies. We are not a verb.

What we do have is a reason to blow our own trumpet. Our data centre in Harrogate has not suffered an outage in ten years. Our new data centre in Reading has been specifically built for power resilience and power efficiency.



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