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Database as a Service : Delivering a first class solution


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In my previous blog I talked about Oracle Engineered Systems, the collection of vertically integrated components that debuted in 2008 and has since then been redefining our notion of performance computing. I also described our own response and the logical conclusion that was reached about offering an engineered systems approach on an ‘as a service’ basis: continuing the ethos of simplifying enterprise IT by marrying the engineered technology to an engineered delivery model.

So we have our component ‘stack’ – network, data centres, Oracle specialists, accredited practices – mirroring the Oracle hardware/software container, both optimised for performance and Total Cost of Ownership. But what underpins our confidence in such a database Cloud service? Let’s face it, this is high-end enterprise stuff, traditionally the preserve of Tier 1 solution centres and Cloud providers. So why is our proposition already seeing serious traction across government and the public sector?

Two reasons. The first lies in the quality of our ‘stack’. We haven’t just blindly mashed it all together in an opportunistic bid to provide Cloud database services, we have put together proven DBaaS components to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. We own and manage a UK-wide MPLS network; ditto a data centre estate, which is wholly UK-based, certified to ISO 27001 and 9001, and in the top 5% of facilities for design, reliability and power efficiency; both have seen millions of pounds of investment over the past five years. Then there’s our specialist Oracle database team, which has notched up over two decades of experience and is one of the largest pools of application resource in the UK; and last but not least, a proven track record of assured working and commitment to best practice that has seen us accredited to a huge raft of government standards (including BIL up to level 4 certification). Bring that all together and you have Tier 1-equalling potential.

But it’s the second reason that turns that potential into actual performance. For all this clever technology you still need people to make it happen: that’s why our DBaaS is fulfilled by three dedicated teams covering design, migration and management, teams that together elevate an integrated service into an engineered – and optimised – one.

And there’s more. The single most influential thing driving traction in this arena is that we work on a human scale. Our people talk to your people, we all get things done, together; we’re big on listening, responding, delivering what’s needed, not just at the outset but throughout; there aren’t any barriers to effectiveness and there is no statute of limitations on client focus. Because a service isn’t a commodity, it’s a relationship, and something that needs fine-tuning just as much as the technology. That’s something our SME heritage has taught us, and maybe it’s this learning that takes us beyond Tier 1 into a class of our own.



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