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Database as a Service: What sets us apart from our competitors?


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In the third and final part of my DBaaS blog mini-series, I want to pick up on something I said last time and kick it around a bit more. Not for the fun of it but because it’s something I really believe in and want to articulate a bit further. And at a time of challenging introspection for this business, as in, ‘What is it that truly differentiates us from our competitors?’ it’s as good a time as any to put it out there.

In part two, I talked about our increasing traction in the DBaaS arena and growing number of introductions to government and public sector prospects being largely attributable to the fact that we work on a human scale. Even while collaborating with the larger vendors, we’re still able to present an accessible, agile ‘smaller but more beautifully formed’ organisation that gets things done, together.

The people thing though has to work front to back, top to bottom; you can’t just put up a customer-centric first line and hope that suffices. You need those in high places that will shape the corporate and commercial ethos that translates in turn into the right sort of contracts and conduct: terms and behaviour that are inherently fair to the customer, scaling and flexing, with clauses that favour extending value rather than punishing custom. And you need many others on the floor, those within DBaaS, for instance, who are diligently driving complex migrations, fine-tuning performance, accommodating change swiftly, in short, properly proactively managing and responding, hour by hour, day by day, for the benefit of the client.

The reason I make a big thing of it is that in the era of Cloud computing, there is often so much talk of IT commodities, of utility computing, that we sometimes risk undervaluing the role people have to play. We ourselves make a lot of the Cloud journey, of the gains to be had by the incremental adoption of XaaS, everything from DR to telephony. The technology tends to sit front and centre. But that can’t be the whole story because while we may be in the Cloud space we’re also in the service business. Coming back to the highly engineered, precision world that is DBaaS, it’s those dedicated design, migration and management teams, my Redcentric colleagues, that truly make that service - and make us different.




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