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Storage and security are still the key issues in the cloud computing landscape


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According to IDC, storage still presents the major challenge in Cloud computing, and security is still the key fear preventing organisations from starting their transformative Cloud journey.

We optimise servers, but still they sit idle up to 80% of the time just waiting for disks to deliver. Yes, the spinning disk storage subsystem remains the bottleneck in today's processor rich environment, and it's a problem that Redcentric is seeking to address with the adoption of emerging technologies - SSD (Solid State Disk/Flash) has finally arrived, not solely as a caching medium, but as an affordable storage solution with useable capacity.

On the security side, we seem to be facing a raft of different technologies all claiming to protect against attack, or to secure emails and attachments, or simply to restrict unacceptable access to the web. That means a lot of time and effort spent managing policies, setting firewalls and keeping abreast of the constant DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) and malicious attacks. Redcentric has been working with a leading provider of security management solutions, which not only monitor the policies and settings of any security device; but also enable 'what if' change management, automatically identifying any other areas of the infrastructure that may be affected before activating a change. That's impressive as it hugely simplifies change control of a multi device infrastructure, and makes reporting and management within a single platform a reality.

While Redcentric doesn't profess to have all the answers, we're constantly looking for them, in order to provide simple solutions for often challenging problems in this rapidly evolving and complex age of IT.



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