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5 ways to meet the Olympian challenge for high-bandwidth, high-resilience network access


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A recent press report highlighted the continuing change in the nature of internet traffic.

The article correctly identifies the “flash floods” of internet access (for events like the World Cup) as being particularly challenging for many organisations – and the ISPs supporting them. A big question arises for corporate IT departments: How do they cope with increasing and sudden demands on their resources, delivering excellent service while keeping to budget?

It’s interesting how the causes change but the problem remains the same. Many years ago I was quoted in the FT about something similar. Then it was the UK budget which overwhelmed servers, now it’s user demand for high-bandwidth services.

The Olympics will be a significant challenge for the UK infrastructure and as many of the events may fall during working hours, company policy-makers have a choice to make:

1. Ban watching TV online during office hours (good luck trying to enforce that one!)
2. Restrict the bandwidth available to their Internet users.
3. Just pop some tellies into various parts of the office.
4. Increase the company’s Internet bandwidth.
5. Ensure their network provider can itself provide the resilience and scalability to handle media-driven Internet demands.

Guess which is my favourite. Successfully keeping the Redcentric network infrastructure ahead of changing customer demand and able to support all our managed services is what makes my job interesting – it really is about the winning, not the taking part!



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