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A high speed network for a high speed city – and no, we’re not talking about trains


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Here at Redcentric, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the service that we deliver to our customers. It’s no different for the users of our Cambridge Metro Network who continue to benefit from a high speed, resilient network that extends its reach to new parts of the city on a regular basis. Since the installation of the network in 2000, Redcentric has laid over 45 kilometres (28 miles) of fibre across Cambridge providing the high bandwidth and quality of connectivity that businesses in the city demand. At the end of last year, we launched Cambridge Cloud to help local businesses to reduce IT, data storage, software and telephony costs further. We also ensured that a significant element of the service delivers virtualisation, unified communications and video conferencing.

The Cambridge Metro Network makes a real and valuable contribution to the city as a dedicated communications platform but don’t just take my word for it. Here you can watch two Cambridge Metro Network customers talk about their experience and the benefits of a network that can quickly and easily be turned on.

Nick Parsons of Polatis, a high tech start up, talks about how the service has supported them during rapid growth, while Phillip Turner from business service centre company Citibase explains why the network makes providing its own service more efficient.

If that’s not enough, you can watch yours truly defining what a Metro Network is, how Redcentric’s Cambridge Metro Network is developing, and how it continues to support both local businesses and the city itself.

See the full range of videos or visit our YouTube Channel.

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