How insurers are navigating the Cloud


Insurers are looking to achieve a competitive advantage using IT solutions to improve front-end sales and customer service as well as enhancing their back-end operational efficiency and expense management. This report looks at the current challenges insurers are facing, and whether IT is helping or hindering them in achieving their business objectives.

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Driving retailers to a brighter future


In recent times, the retail industry has undergone major change as more consumers forsake the high street in favour of digital retailers and the boom of increased data to drive a competitive edge for customer experience. Redcentric recently carried out research across 200 IT decision makers within the retail sector looking at their thoughts from legacy equipment to investment priorities as well as how technology is driving increased profits.

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Legal Sector & IT Challenges - Is it time for strategic change?


With the role of IT in the legal sector changing, we asked 150 decision makers from law firms across the UK about their use of IT and their thoughts on the current state of the industry. This report looks at the findings of that research and how, despite the need to cut costs still being a key challenge, law firms are now under increasing pressure to re-evaluate their whole IT strategy in order to gain competitive advantage.

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Journey to the Cloud


Most UK CIOs realise the capabilities of Cloud to transform their business and many have begun the journey. On their journey to the Cloud numerous paths lie ahead dependant on their approaches and motivations and how far on their journey they have already gone. This research report looks at UK plc’s feeling about their journey as they look at “what is the right way forward?”

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