The benefits of Cloud-based email archiving

Centralised, consolidated, fully managed 'Cloud-based' email archiving

Cloud-based IT services are the future and the benefits are clear. CIOs can already make a strong case for email archiving on technical and operational grounds alone. But if there is any doubt whether a business should adopt such a discipline, then the head of legal should also make his voice heard. Centralised, consolidated, fully managed email archiving is not just a ticket to efficiency and cost control - it's a passport to best practice, lawful compliance and corporate confidence.

1. Improved efficiency and reliability of file and email systems

Inactive data from file and email systems is moved to offsite storage - improving performance and freeing up primary storage capacity for further growth.

2. Faster data backup and recovery

Reduce backup windows and improve restore times.

3. Simplified management & increased productivity

Automate specified retention policies and schedules for email data, allowing IT teams to focus on core tasks.

4. Lower, more predictable costs

Pay only for what you use on a fixed, utility model while reducing spend on in-house storage and administration.

5. Online access

Data retrieval is simple and invisible to the end-user, with no need for IT intervention.

6. Regulatory compliance

Archive important documents, emails, and other ageing data according to corporate governance and compliance.

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